VBD day — vector-borne disease modelling

VBD day is a one-day workshop organised by the Centre for the Mathematical Modelling of Infectious Diseases (cmmid) at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM).

It will take place at LSHTM on Friday 13th November 2015.

The aim of this workshop was to bring together researchers interested in the modelling vector-borne diseases and discuss recent work on a number of this diseases. The day is loosely grouped by disease or disease category.

9.00 – 10.00: Registration/tea-coffee/Welcome

Facilitator: Sebastian Funk (LSHTM)
10.00-10.20: Pascal Grebaut (IRD). Modeling the pathogenic complex of sleeping sickness: from the field to the computer.
10.20-10.40: Kat Rock (Warwick). Are we nearly there yet? Modelling sleeping sickness elimination.
10.40-11.00: Nakul Chitnis (Swiss TPH). Implications of Heterogeneous Biting Exposure and Animal Hosts on Trypanosomiasis brucei gambiense Transmission and Control.

11.00 -11.30: Break

11.30-13.00: DENGUE
Facilitator: Stefan Flasche (LSHTM)
11.30-12.00: Martin Hibberd (LSHTM). Tracking Dengue Virus Intra-host Genetic Diversity during Human-to-Mosquito Transmission.
12.00-12.15: Stephane Hue (LSHTM). A Phylogenetic Investigation of Dengue Virus’ Transmission in an Urban Setting.
12.15-12.30: Conall Watson (LSHTM). Dengue Fever in Fiji: a vector-free real-time epidemic model
12.30-13.00: Neil Ferguson (Imperial College) Benefits and risks of CYD

13.00 – 14.00: Lunch break (Bar area)

14.00-15.30: MALARIA
Facilitator: Laith Yakob (LSHTM)
14.00-14.30: Melissa Penny (Swiss TPH). Model based public health impact and cost-effectiveness estimates informing the WHO recommendation on malaria vaccine RTS,S.
14.30-15.00: Mario Recker (University of Exeter). The var multi-gene family of P. falciparum: conserved structures and structured diversity
15.00-15.30: Tom Churcher (Imperial College). Predicting the impact of pyrethroid resistance on malaria

Facilitator: Deirdre Hollingsworth (Warwick)
16.00-16.30: Lisa Reimer (LSTM). Vector heterogeneity and implications for filariasis elimination.
16.30-17.00: Lisa Cavalerie (DGAL/CIRAD). Exploring Rift Valley fever virus persistence in a tropical insular ecosystem
17.00-17.30: Luigi Sedda (Lancaster University). Wind-vector-borne diseases modelling for new and emerging animal diseases

17.30-18.00: DISCUSSION

18.00 – onwards: Social


Contact Raphaelle Metras (raphaelle.metras at lshtm.ac.uk) for further information.

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