Vaccine-preventable diseases

ShinglesWith colleagues at PHE we have been using mathematical models and economic analyses to assess changes to the UK immunisation programme for many years. Recent examples include pneumococcal vaccines, chickenpox and shingles vaccines, rotavirus, HPV (the cause of cervical cancer), flu, meningococcal vaccines, and MMR. We are also working on the use of vaccines to prevent hospital-acquired infections such as Clostridium difficile
(C diff). The analyses go to inform the Department of Health and JCVI (the body that recommends vaccination policy in the UK).

We also use mathematical models to help inform vaccine policy in the developing world. Examples include the use of pneumococcal and Hib vaccine in complex emergencies (e.g. refugee camps), the role of vaccination to prevent typhoid fever, and the use of vaccines in the global polio eradication effort.

A number of members of cmmid sit on national and international immunisation committees, including JCVI subgroups, WHO’s SAGE subgroups, and WHO Euro’s vaccine advisory body (ETAGE).


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