Hepatitis C

Through a collaboration with the University of Bristol, we develop dynamic, deterministic models of hepatitis C and HIV transmission among injecting drug users (IDUs), in order to guide policymaking surrounding hepatitis C and HIV treatment and prevention. Our models have been used to: examine the impact1 2 and cost-effectiveness3 of using HIV or HCV antiviral treatment for IDUs as a means of primary prevention of HIV/HCV among the IDU population; explore trends in HIV and HCV prevalence among IDUs in different settings3 4 5 6; determine the current and future impact of prevention interventions such as opiate substitution therapy and needle and syringe programmes7 2 8; evaluate the cost-effectiveness of interventions to increase HCV testing among IDUs9 or the levels of syringe distribution10 11 12.


Peter Vickerman, Natasha Martin


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