outings & activities

See below for details of cmmid outings, excursions, and social events. Anyone who would like to join the cmmid social mailing list to be kept informed about all frivolous activities should get in touch with Sebastian Funk.

Upcoming/regular events

Past events — 2015

  • cmmid away day in the countryside, 30 April.

Past events — 2014

  • chrmiidstmas party. 16 December, from 3pm, Pumphandle Bar.
  • cmmid@swim/bike/run: It’s official – the cmmid is the best modelling group in the world (at least according to the Team Triathlon metric). See here for the proof.
  • cmmid@speed: mildly competitive race-track action saw John take the chequered flag in Tottenham Hale.

race1 race2

  • cmmid@Wimbledon. Anyone for tennis? cmmid Wimbledon trip, 26th of June. Not only will we try to see a bit of sporting action but also, far more interestingly, we’ll visit the burial place of Joseph Bazalgette.
  • cmmid@RoySoc. It’s time for a cmmid outing: Royal Society summer science exhibition. 4th July, lunchtime onwards.
  • cmmid@pub: 21st May. Conall Watson and Ken Eames present “Models vs Zombies” at the Marlborough Arms pub, as part of the annual Pint of Science festival.
  • cmmid@warwick: 27th March. The cmmid travelled to Warwick to meet with the modelling group there. A good time was had by all.

Past events — 2013

  • cmmid@the_movies: 23rd May. A special epidemiological showing of hit zom-rom-com Shaun of the Dead and a post-show discussion with Shaun star Simon Pegg. Or possibly Professor of Infectious Disease modelling John Edmunds, we’re not sure. Free popcorn.
  • die beste Medizin (aka German comedy night): 16th December. Henning Wehn, one of Germany’s best-known stand-up comedians, was on-stage in Leicester Square this Christmas. As expected, it was a hoot.

Past events — 2012

  • The annual cmmistmas lunch took place on the 11th of December. In accordance with tradition, the opportunity was taken to draft Amendments to the cmmid Constitution.
  • A walk in the Parkland: 27th October. There was once a road through the woods. But the trees are back on this former stretch of railway, from Finsbury Park to Alexandra Palace.
  • Bazalgette’s masterpiece: 21st October. Sir Joseph Bazalgette is a heroic figure, an engineer whose system of sewers transformed 19th century London from a stinking, miasmatic, cholera-soaked pit of pestilence into a city fit to walk through without a pomander. One of the most impressive monuments to his mustachioed genius, combining functionality with an ornate beauty, is the pumping station at Crossness. The cmmid visited it on the 21st of October: as you can see, it’s a stunning place:The interior of the Crossness pumping station
  • Bayes’ elegy in a city churchyard: 23rd August.Photographic evidence from the inaugural annual cmmid pilgrimage to Thomas Bayes’ grave in Bunhill Fields; the memorial took a little detective work to identify.

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